Facilitate Meetings

Transform your meetings into productive and efficient sessions. 5th House Consulting brings a neutral, objective position to the table. We help your team members listen, manage difficult issues, and improve organizational effectiveness.

Team Processes & Procedures

A well-crafted process can make all the difference. We help your team work better together by developing processes tailored to your organization to improve decision making, pursue your vision, and enhance communication.

Strategic Planning

5th House uses strategy and planning to help your team articulate your organization’s direction. Good strategic planning is a complex process. Developing a clear vision and values statement can put you on the right path to a sound strategy. We take the time to do it right, so your organization creates compelling goals, clear objectives, action plans, and good evaluative measures. Depending on your needs, we recommend a longer two-day session, or sessions spread out over a few months. We also offer a shorter 1-day identity statement process that produces clear results and outcomes.

Evaluation & Needs Assessments

Gain a better understanding of your community and/or organization with our research, evaluations, and need assessments. Gathering good data can help guide your organization, but we also want to help you understand the why of it—because that’s where social impact and social change occur. We are equipped to look at everything from how ready a community is to address an issue to the effectiveness of your organization.

5th House Consulting conducts:

  • Qualitative interviews
  • Photo Voice as a qualitative evaluation method
  • Quantitative surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Nonprofit organizational assessments
  • Community needs assessments on environmental and public health issues
  • Community readiness assessments
  • Coalition effectiveness assessments
  • Logic Model Development


We offer workshops for individuals, organizations, and agencies to help build professional and personal development skills. Topics range from trainings in active listening and motivational interviewing to handling workplace stress, balancing your personal life with your work life, or changing habits and behaviors that get in the way of accomplishing your goals. Individuals may sign up for our current offerings. For organizations, we will design a workshop that fit your needs. Individuals may sign up for our current offerings. VIEW CURRENT OFFERINGS


Contact 5th House Consulting to schedule a time or, if you’d like to sign-up or view a workshop, click here.